To book a trip: text message is preferred, or call/email with any questions and your preferred dates and we will respond promptly.  100$ deposit per person is required to hold the date.  Venmo is preferred for deposits, or CC with a 4% processing fee, mailed checks also work. Deposit is not refundable unless trip is cancelled at least 2 weeks in advance.  Full payment is due the day of the trip.  I reserve the right to cancel any trip due to unsafe conditions and a full refund will be issued.

325$ per person.

*Larger Groups, corporate retreats, and lodging can all be accommodated.  Please email or call for details.
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Trip Details
What's included:
-A safe and fun day of fishing
-Courteous Instruction 
-Top of the line Rods, Reels, Tackle, and Bait
-Coffee, Water, Other Beverages, light snacks, hand warmers 
-Fileting of fish and cleaning/cooking of crab
-Professional Vacuum Packaging

What's not included:
-Fishing Licenses.   Please secure your licenses prior to the day of fishing.  These are available on an App on your Smartphone, or can be printed off of the ODFW website.
-Clothing and outerwear, please dress in layers and have waterproof pants and jacket as well as sunglasses and hats.

Commonly asked questions:
Q: Will I get seasick out on the ocean?
A: It's possible.  If you are prone to motion sickness or have never been on the ocean before and concerned about it, I recommend using a non drowsy over the counter medication such as Bonine.  It's important to get the medicine into your system prior to the trip so I recommend taking it the night before and again the morning of the trip.  There are also prescriptions available.  Please consult your doctor before taking anything.  For most people eating breakfast and getting a good nights sleep help.  Most people do not get sea sick but it's not much fun if it happens.  I have onboard pressure point bracelets that help a lot of people, ginger chews, homeopathic motion sickness pills, and light snacks and water.  If you're not feeling well please tell me right away.  Typically if we address it before it gets too bad we can curtail it.  I used to get seasick so I understand how uncomfortable it can be, the good news is there's usually something that helps those who are prone to it.  I believe there's no such thing as chronic seasickness.  We just have to crack the code.

Q:  Can I drink beer during the trip?
A:  Yes.  If I was going on a guided fishing trip I'd likely want to enjoy a beer while doing so.  However, the nature of fishing with sharp objects in a moving environment is inherently dangerous, so everyone must keeps their wits about them.  I am the captain of the boat and my crew(you) must be in fine condition to prevent or aid in case of emergency.  Enjoy a beer.  If you plan on getting drunk, do not come. 

Q:  Do I get take home the exact fish I catch?
A:  Most groups prefer to split the catch evenly and this is my default setting.  Most fish are close to evenly sized and often times it's luck of the draw if someone catches something less common.  This way everyone gets to enjoy the catches of the day.  Let me know if you'd prefer to keep the exact fish you catch.

Q:  Do I need waders?
A:  No.  On driftboat trips they're a good idea if you have them, but we will be fishing from the boat.  However, they make great waterproof pants, and if you have them I'd wear them.  On dory trips all passengers will be loaded into the boat prior to launching, but we do occasionally splash through a wave on our way out, or encounter headwinds blowing ocean spray into the boat.  Bring Rain gear.  Rubber boots are ideal as the deck of the boat often gets bloody and is washed down occasionally.