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  Guided driftboat trips are offered in the Fall for Salmon(Sept-Dec), and Winter for Steelhead(Dec-April).  A driftboat is a non motorized flat bottomed river boat propelled by oars.  This allows for a peaceful experience navigating one of the local Tillamook County Rivers.  I built my driftboat myself in 2011 and it remains one of the best vessels on the water(I am biased).  I provide all top of the line G loomis Rods and Shimano Reels, all tackle, hot coffee, hand warmers, and the knowledge to put you on fish.  You will need a valid Oregon Fishing License including a Salmon/Steelhead Tag.  This is now offered through an app on your smartphone or can be printed out prior to the trip from the ODFW website.  Please dress warm in layers, bring waterproof rain pants and a waterproof jacket, sunglasses, and any food or drinks you may want throughout the day.  
  Driftboat trips typically start just before sunrise and last 6-7hrs.  The fishing is very hands on and the more we focus on our goal of catching fish the better we will do.  I will never get upset if you cast into a tree or snag up and lose gear.  My job is to provide the best instruction I can and part of my job is untangling lines and retying gear.  I always carry multiple rods for each angler and an employ a system so you can have a rod in your hand fishing without interruption all day long should you choose.  My first priority is safety, the second is to provide a fun experience, the third to catch as many fish as possible.         
  We will enjoy the day and do our best to ensure others on the river are doing the same.  I do not fish through water other people are already fishing, and do my best to be respectful and courteous to other boats and bank anglers that may be fishing in the area.  If we happen to be very successful on a day others may be struggling we won't brag how well we've done, but try to help others have success.   
 I've been rowing drift boats my whole life in this area and I enjoy it now even more than ever.  I hope we can share an adventure together soon.  

  To ensure a date try to book as early as possible as I typically fill up once the season gets underway.  Max capacity is 3 Anglers.

300$ per person.  Up to 3 Passengers
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