Dory fishing in Pacific City has a long tradition and is a unique Oregon experience.  The trip begins by launching off the beach just South of Cape Kiwanda and heading out through the surf.  The fishery is very close and within minutes we're usually catching fish.  Often we see whales, and occasionally dolphins and other marine mammals.  The area surrounding the scenic haystack rock offers some of the best bird viewing on the coast.  The fishing itself is typically very action packed and with a limit of 7 rockfish and 2 lingcod per person the amount of meat brought aboard is impressive.  Crabbing is excellent off of Pacific City and I keep pots soaking all summer long.  After a day of catching and adventure we head back through the surf, gun the engine, and slide up the sand. From there we head to the cleaning table for pictures and high fives.  I'll fillet and bag your catch, and clean and cook the crab.  Rockfish and Lingcod are both a delicious flaky white meat, and dungeonus crab is spectacular.  This fishery is a passion of mine and I'd love to share it with you.  Launching and landing the boat off the beach is an adventure in itself, but with the bounty just offshore it is truly a special place. 

Pacific City Dory Fishing