Pacific City Dory Fishing
In the Winter and Spring Lingcod and Rockfish carpet the reef and it's constant catching and quick limits.  Ocean conditions are less consistent however, please contact us to get on our call list for these times. This year the coho forecast is off the charts and starting late June we will be doing Rockfish/Salmon/Crab combos!  The fishing grounds for these species is very close and usually within 10 minutes of launching we're catching fish.  I'll never get mad if you lose a lure or we tangle lines.  That's my job!  You're job is to have fun and catch fish!
We find rockfish in huge schools and use ultra light spinning gear to target them.  My favorite method is using topwater techniques and watching fish come to the surface to smash the lure.  Rockfish are very aggressive and it's usually easy to get everyone's limit, so I try to make it as fun as possible.  Although it's easy to catch 3 at a time I prefer 1 at a time with the lightest gear possible. The current limit is 5 Rockfish per person.  There are many varieties of Rockfish, Black Rockfish being the most common.
Lingcod live in Rocky structure and like to ambush their prey.  The limit is 2 Lingcod per person, with a minimum length of 22".  Some Lingcod are blue or green in color including their meat.  People say they like the taste better but it all cooks up white, flaky and delicious!
I'll have crab pots out soaking from the day prior.  After fishing all we have to do is pull up the pots , remove the crab, rebait and drop the pots back in the water.  Big clean crab are abundant in the area.  The limit is 12 crab per person.
Part of the fun is not knowing what you may reel in next.  There are some beautiful fish down there.  We see whales often, and an array of bird species.  Occasionally we see porpoises, sunfish, otters, and always breathtaking scenery.
We then head in through the surf, slide up the beach, and get the boat on the trailer.
Then it's a short 1 mile drive to my house in Pacific City.  There I will filet and bag the fish, and clean and cook the crab while you enjoy a beverage of your choice.  Professional Vacuum Packaging is now standard with all my trips.  Usually the crab alone more than pays for the price of the trip considering market price.  You won't find any seafood fresher and you'll have the satisfaction of knowing exactly where your meat came from.

325$ per person June 20-Sept 4
300$ non peak season

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Sunrises on the water can be spectacular!
Dory fishing in Pacific City has a long history and is a unique Oregon experience.  Despite the adventure of launching and landing right off the beach it is statistically the safest Port in Oregon.  There are moments of excitement though, and all guests must be in good physical health.  Maximum group size is 6.  We typically meet first thing in the morning to discuss safety and how the day will be structured.  Then guests load into the boat for the ride down the beach and out through the surf!
Just be careful.  Pacific City is home of the friendliest catch.