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My Story
  Taking people fishing for a living is what I have worked daily for since my first summer guiding in Alaska.  I've known since then that it would be my career.  I came home to Oregon after that summer with some meager savings and a simple plan.  Work harder and fish smarter than anyone around and make my dream a reality.  I lived in a motorhome on the Wilson river, basically stole my Dad's drift boat and fished every day.  I have fished Tillamook area rivers all of my life, but I wanted to know them better.
  The next fall after returning from Alaska I built my drift boat.  I had a good idea what I wanted after spending 300 days that year rowing, but what I wanted didn't exist.  Fortunately I have great parents that happen to live right on the Wilson River, and had the garage space I needed.   I lived with them that Fall and spent my time breathing epoxy with my dad in the shop and fishing as much as possible.  It was a slow process because I was designing as we went along, but it was one of the most enjoyable experiences of my life.  The end result was a wood cored epoxy drift boat unlike any ever built.  By steelhead season, the boat was ready and I was a licensed and insured Oregon fishing guide.  
  My goal from the beginning was to be the best guide around.  I want to not only give my guests a fun and safe day on the water, but also give them the opportunity to catch more fish than anyone else.   I did my best to work on the little things that results in more fish landed.  There were days when we'd out fish everyone and I'd go home and cut apart hundreds of pre tied leaders because I thought of a way to do it a little better.   Creatively adapting and inventing gear and techniques is one of the things I love most about fishing, and I believe is key in having an advantage.  Next, put me on the water with an objective, and I am in my element.  
   I will never be the grumpy old guide scowling at other boats on the water.  Fishing should be fun first and foremost. A positive mental attitude not only makes the day more enjoyable, it's also more conducive to catching fish!  If possible I like to go to areas where not many others will venture, where the setting is one of forests and wildlife,  not roads and noise.  In my opinion the Northern Oregon Coast and Coast Range Mountains is the most beautiful area in the world, with an abundant natural bounty.  
  My business has expanded some in the last few years.   I bought a power boat to fish the ocean, bays, and tidal areas in the summer months, and got my Coast Guard Captains license allowing me to take passengers on those trips.   I'm also offering Ocean Dory trips out of Pacific City and this fishery has been my all consuming passion.  Life is good and it continues to get better.   I feel truly blessed to be living my dreams and am working hard to grow the business and be the best guide I can be.  Now let's go fishing!